Digital Onboarding for New Employees

Digital Onboarding for New Employees

Make the new hire experience enjoyable.
Productive. Paper-free.

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The best candidate just accepted the job

Let the relationship begin with YSoft Clerbo preboarding and onboarding software.

Going digital reduces HR time spent on onboarding by 46%. Maybe more

Can your current HR system do that?

Why Clerbo?

All-in-one onboarding & learning solution

You don’t have to buy separate onboarding and learning solutions. Clerbo got you covered in both areas.

Easy start

Against robust HR or learning management systems, Clerbo does things simpler and contains only features that you really need. Therefore it’s so easy to start with Clerbo in days.

Digital for modern & remote teams

Make a great impression to your new hires and existing employees with modern-looking system that is accessible from everywhere.

Integrated with other systems

Clerbo is not like other company isolated systems. To boost your productivity Clerbo will seamlessly integrate with other systems (ATS, File storage, ActiveDirectory, etc.).

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