For Your Company

Clerbo for Your Company

Improve employee retention and turn important career moments into great company stories.

Better employee retention

Keeping new hires happy with positive preboarding and onboarding tools increases loyalty and job satisfaction. In a volatile labor market, retaining employees is a key business metric.

Greater HR efficiency

Clerbo preboarding and onboarding tools reduce HR paper-based work and provide a positive feedback loop between HR and new employees as soon as your offer is accepted. Expected time savings range from 46% to 86%. It’s smart HR software. Now it’s digital and part of the Workplace of the Future.

Stronger brand loyalty

Branded preboarding and onboarding experiences mean new employees start understanding your values and identifying with your company even before the first day on the job.

Hiring Manager empowerment

Preboarding and onboarding mean new employees can start working on day one, using tools and materials specific to the job they were hired to do. Robust feedback loops keep the new hire, HR and the hiring manager informed along the way.

No infrastructure investment

Delivered as software as a service, YSoft Clerbo provides consistent value via a cloud-based pay-as-go subscription model. It delivers the benefits of digital preboarding, onboarding and employee retention with no investment in hardware or applications.

IT advantages

Modular features, open APIs and automatic product updates keep the technical burden low. Designed to be IT-friendly, YSoft Clerbo can be set up in just a few weeks. Its data processes are GDPR compliant.