Employee Onboarding

Happy employee stories start with the great onboarding experience

Help employees discover the important moments of their career within your company.

Welcome aboard

As soon as the successful candidate accepts your offer, Clerbo sends a personal welcome email to the new hire. Think of it as a digital handshake.

Before day one: preboarding

Preboarding is a two-way information trade—everything the company needs to know to enroll the new employee; everything the new hire needs to know about company culture to feel at home on the job—right away.

Day one: productive and worry free

Thanks to preboarding, there’s no lag time between showing up and starting to contribute. The new hire knows what to wear, where to sit, who’s on the team, and what’s expected of him/her.

Near-term goals: the onboarding plan

Once the new hire is on the job, you and the hiring manager can create a personalized onboarding plan to define goals, meet learning needs and create milestones to ensure this employee’s career success over time.

Our newbies never experienced a digital preboarding solution and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from them. YSoft Clerbo gives us a competitive advantage with an improved new hire experience.


There’s more: News and Tools

Clerbo helps employees access company news and the tools needed to be effective in a new work environment—no time lost floundering. Contact us to learn more about our News & Navigator and Policies modules.